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Products: Spball

Spball is puzzle game with original rules, it require attention and concentration.

Your goal is to remove all of the balls from the screen in as few steps as possible. Balls disappear from the screen when you make a line of at least three balls. (You can change difficulty of game for yourself by choosing a line length another than three and other options in the main screen before play.)

Each time you tap a ball, it will be swapped with the ball that is highlighted in the panel at the upper left of the screen. Each time you make a swap the highlight moves one ball to the right. When the highlight reaches the end of the balls in the panel, the first ball on the left will be selected again.

Plan ahead! The balls you remove by swapping are the ones you will soon be using to make rows. Balls don't swap if they are the same color, or you if tap twice on same place.

Game Features:

• Amount 16 combinations of game settings.

• Two game styles - horizontal and vertical.

• Customizable difficulty of game.

• Supports 320x320 displays.

• Hi-color graphics (16 bit).

• Supports OS-5 enhanced sound.

 current version1.53
 download .zip (108 Kb)
 download .sit (114 Kb)

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