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Products: Magic Arrows

Magic Arrows is puzzle game with original rules.

The goal is to remove all pieces from the game board. Each of the pieces can remove other pieces at certain directions. The shape of a piece determines these directions. When selected pieces disappear, the pieces above them will fall down. If a piece has nothing to remove, it will not disappear.

Be attentive when removing the pieces. Besides usual pieces there are pieces, which don't delete other ones. And if a piece can't remove other piece, that it will not disappear. Such pieces can be removed only by means of others.

There are two different game modes - a 'Gradual' and 'Continuous'.

The 'Gradual' mode is based on succession of levels. Each level increases the difficulty. For each new level, quantity of pieces is increase. It allows to adapt to game and to achieve the best results.

The 'Continuous' mode is based on filling board with new pieces after some pieces are removed.

The 'Select Level' uses tournament rules, but allows you to play on selected level without completing previous levels. However in this case your result is not registered in score table.


• There are two different game modes.

• Background customization.

• Gradual complication of game.

• Supported resolution is 320x320.

• Hi-color graphics (16 bit).

• Enhanced sound.

Magic Arrows
 current version1.1
 download .zip (120 Kb)
 download .sit (129 Kb)

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