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Products: Fox Searcher

The idea of the game is to find all of hidden foxes in as few steps as possible.

To uncover a square you suspect contains a fox, just tap on it. If the square does not contain a fox, then you will see an amount of foxes around and the counter of steps increase.

Besides foxes there are other objects, which can help you or impede in your search. You can specify amount of this objects and play in different styles.

The classic style - just specify only amount of foxes, and number of other objects is a zero.

The modern style - you specify quantity of other objects you want to have.


• Simple to play

• Five additional objects

• Two difficulty levels

• Two methods of calculation of foxes

• 'Smart scan' option

• Flexible adjustment of game settings

• The tables of results for each game mode considering number of object

• Two skins (standard and retro - pixel graphic stylized)

• Onboard instructions

• Supports 320x320x16bit and 160x160x16bit resolutions

• Enhanced sound effects

Fox Searcher
 current version1.0
 download .zip (116 Kb)

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